We varnish wooden or plastic surfaces and curved elements for furniture industry, also details and furniture accessories, with different colors and special effects. We follow the entire varnishing phases, from spray painting to drying process. We use safe varnish, that respects the environment. The excellent quality of our painting services makes us reliable partners for important Italian brands that work for furniture industry.



For the sanding process we use up-to-date machinery and specific tools, depending on the kind of material we have to treat. We are particularly skilled in treating wooden doors for furniture pieces, especially living-rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, and MDF panels. Our qualified staff carefully follows the whole sanding process, up to the point that is required by the customer or is necessary for the following working. We can sand mass-produced elements but also small amounts of items or sampling.


"Gold Leaf" Gilding

To apply gold leaf on wood or plastic it is necessary to be in the forefront, to use special technical instruments and a knowledge that very few firms can boast. We can gold, silver and bronze-leaf, with different shades and thickness, giving to furniture and accessories that precious Byzantine and Renaissance touch. Thanks to our experience we excel for our top-quality level and we can find specific solutions to special requests.


Decapé and antique finish

Thanks to the professional competence of our staff, we realize particular working with coloring agents and ductile and lasting paints, transparent or covering, wood colors or pastel shades. In addition to standard working, we realize varnishing with rough or wax finish, embossed lacquering, or decapé lacquering, a technique in which the pores of wood remain open and half-reveal the underlying wood veins or the lower color of the varnish. Moreover, we carry out antique patinated varnishing and antique brushed lacquering, that gives a well-worn look.

Stampaggio Plastico di Precisione

Precision moulding

To provide our customers with a complete service, we take care of assembling and putting together all the different furniture elements. We eventually give to our customers the finished product, packed and ready to be sold. We realize with precision and meticulous plastic components for the household appliances and furniture industry. We only use the best materials and products on the market.
Using state-of-the-art systems, Giver s.r.l. offers modern solutions to the highest quality standard guaranteed by capillary checks for each production step.
Everything is designed and implemented with particular attention to the real needs of the customer, always guiding him with high professionalism and maximum availability among the various products offered by the market today, with the primary objective being to advise him at best.