Industrial Machinery

Presse a iniezione per materiali plastici

Injection molding

The industrial machinery of GiverItalia, of GAIARINE (TV), updated and constantly evolving, is made up of efficient equipment and machinery, constantly overhauled.
Our injection plastic printers are operational 24 / 24h. We have 40 to 250 T presses that use robots in injection molding cells to increase productivity.
The machinery, all modern and latest generation, are equipped with advanced process and safety control systems, with a high level of automation and dedicated IT systems.



Our painting department is equipped with robots suitable for a wide range of coating and coating applications, offering easy access, optimal working perimeters and optimized productivity.
We specialize in painting surfaces and curved wood and plastic for the furniture industry, even with the processing of details and furniture accessories, with different colors and special effects.
Among the many effects available: marble effect, pickled, antique, gold leaf effect, shabby chic and much more.